Vedreine is a french packaging printer and processor leader in high-definition printing on flexible aluminium suitable for food contact


our company

We are packaging printers and processors for manufacturers, a European leader in high-definition printing on thin, flexible aluminium sheets suitable for food contact…

Our family-run, independent business is located in the centre of France and is the acknowledged specialist for printing on media intended for food and pharmaceutical applications.

…with an efficiency that is unique in Europe.

Our reactivity and flexibility guarantee the most competitive prices in the market.

Our specialists on flexible supports printing.

our strengths

Vedreine is a french packaging printer and processor with an acknowledged reactivity, leader in high-definition printing on flexible aluminium suitable for food contact

Unparalleled reactivity for certified quality


our services


We have the reputation of being extremely reactive.
Unparalleled, guaranteed by our stock. We can respond within three working days to any request, however urgent it may be.


Our expertise in numerous packaging solutions.
Our employees have the equipment and the expertise to meet all your specific needs in printing techniques.


Our certifications speak for themselves.
Our core business: food packaging means mandatory quality and irreproachable compliance with standards in place, certified every year.


our vision

“Faced with the environmental issues, we have to innovate and invest constantly to be sustainable and create long-term industrial partnerships“

Pierre Vedreine, CEO


We invest 10% of our turnover every year in R&D and new equipment.

Experimenting in new printing techniques, renewing tools and machinery, our motto is unceasing change and investment in the future to ensure we are fully capable of responding, regardless of your constraints or demands.

We are therefore always at the cutting edge to meet all your needs.

We have expertise in all modern printing techniques (flexography, heliography, offset, etc.). This broad technical flexibility means that we can offer optimum efficiency that is unique in Europe.

a few figures

“Half our printing operations are for export“

Pierre Vedreine, CEO

our customers

Vedreine – French manufacturer available worldwide


Manufactured in France



Available worldwide


Given our national, European and international customer base in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, we can provide solutions for products intended for the world market.

Half our business goes to export. We have numerous agents or sales representatives to serve our customers in the best possible way on all continents.

Our printworks at Bargues – Sansac de Marmiesse, France