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      Vedreine wird Vedreine Packaging

      2022 represents a real turning point for our company with the acquisition of Vedreine Packaging Switzerland (formerly Varipack AG), a company specializing in printing on flexible packaging with historical know-how.

      The addition of this new entity marks several steps in one in the history and evolution of our company.

      A change in stature, from company to international group

      With the transition from one to two entities, our company changes scale to become a group. With now two production sites, with complementary resources, our presence is growing in Europe, and our group is thus acquiring international stature in its ability to meet all market expectations.

      This Swiss location also allows us to get closer to our customers, especially German and Italian ones. Proximity has become a major environmental responsibility issue.

      I am proud to take over the family business Varipack AG. We have known Varipack AG for years and have always been impressed by its reputation, reliability and quality. The takeover of Varipack AG proves to be a real ideal case for achieving our goals of being able to serve our many Swiss customers even more closely and directly. But we are also looking forward to being able to serve our international customers in the future with Swiss quality products from Varipack AG. We want to continue to invest in the machine park of the production plant in Baar and thus contribute to the increase in the volumes supplied.

      Pierre Vedreine – CEO Vedreine Packaging

      Our group is thus strengthening its position as a key player in the European flexible packaging market, but also internationally, in niche markets.

      A change of identity that reflects our expertise

      Our company is changing scale, which is why it is necessary, in the same way, for our brand to change. Our historical brand Vedreine therefore becomes Vedreine Packaging.

      The integration of the word „Packaging“ is intended as a strong signal sent to our customers, that of the clear commercial orientation that we wish to take at their service: to be a group specializing in the manufacture of flexible packaging, for all their products. .

      From our historical profession of traditional printer that the Vedreine company has been developing since its creation in 1894, for more than a decade our activity has continued to specialize in the response to packaging issues for our customers. Our investments in technologies have been concentrated in this area in order to increase capacity and have a high-performance production tool. This in order to be able to respond to the broadest spectrum of demand in terms of flexible packaging solutions, for all types of materials, all types of products, with all types of finish in the fields of agri-food, confectionery, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

      The name Vedreine Packaging therefore testifies to our reinforced commercial orientation on these markets as well as our commitment to our industrial customers: to be the European partner to produce flexible packaging for all your products.

      A new brand, still the same values

      Reactivity, flexibility, quality.

      Our historic Vedreine brand already embodied these values ​​for our customers. Today they are more relevant than ever with Vedreine Packaging France and Vedreine Packaging Switzerland, our two sites which historically share the same requirement for quality, the same historical know-how, and which now combine their forces to meet our international customers.

      With the launch of our new website,, we are proud to reveal this new brand to our customers and to continue our adventure alongside them.


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