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15130 Bargues
Sansac de Marmiesse
+33 (0)4 71 62 80 80

Ruessenstrasse 7
CH-6340 Baar
+41 41 766 12 50

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      • Sealable on PP, PS, PET, etc.
      • Single material upon request
      • Suits all sterilisation methods

      Your products

      • Yoghurts
      • All types of dessert
      • Ice-creams
      • Ready meal
      • Coffee pods
      • Inner seals for pots of
      • cream or milk
      • Inner seals for condiments and sauces

      Special makings available

      Our other products for food industries

      Labels affixed to cheeses to promote your brand.

      Candies, pralines, chocolate balls, nougat, etc.

      Chocolate bars, all shapes of figure, rocks, fingers, etc.

      Ready meal, lidding films & FFS, food trays, cold meats, meat, fish, etc.

      Bries, blue cheeses, processed cheeses, hard cooked cheeses, etc.

      Packs of butter, pats of butter, etc.